Biarritz Scramble Cup 2021

Biarritz Scramble Cup 2021

Tournament 2021

Welcome to the X Stanford Europe Golf Tournament - Biarritz Scramble Cup 2021. This tournament is co-organized by Stanford Alumni clubs in Spain and France.

We will play on Saturday August 21 at 12h30 pm in the second oldest golf club in Continental Europe, Golf Le Phare in Biarritz, in the Southwest of France. We will have a cocktail-dinner to give the prizes and surprises in the clubhouse from 20h to 22h30. The number of players is limited to 48 and reservations will be accepted in order of payment. The deadline for payment is August 14th. All cancellations before that date will be fully refunded.

This golf tournament is aimed at developing closer friendships among Stanford alumni and Biarritz golfers. It was held for the first time in 2012 and is celebrated each year on the first Saturday after August 17th.

It is played under the Biarritz Scramble Two-Person rules (please read carefully Rules and Strategy) because we want to attract everyone and not run the risk of losing our good mood with strokes of bad luck. The main feature of Biarritz Scramble is that for every hole the pair must choose at least one stroke of each partner.

Shouldn’t you co-sponsor this tournament?

If you offer a service or product that appeals to our small but exclusive group of players we would be delighted to have you join us. We invite you to participate with us in our tournament and to mingle with us for a full day. You may specifically:
  • Be exclusive for your category of services or products. Your logo will appear in our site through the newsletters of our clubs and associated clubs in France Spain you will reach at least 3000 HNW individuals.
  • Your logo in our site will be directly linked to a landing or home page in your site which gives you the opportunity of further informing about your activities and for getting contact details. We will not share with anyone any contact details.
  • Up to two people from your organization will be mixed with the rest of the players, participating like anyone else in all activities.
  • We will happily discuss your physical presence in the welcome bag or in banners in the Club Le Phare during the whole tournament (8 hours).
We expect you value this opportunity in at least 1000€ in cash or 2000€ in kind. You are most welcome to enjoy the day with us! If you want to further explore this unique opportunity, please contact us at or through +346 1747 1848.



Learn about the experience we had at the 2019 Biarritz Scramble Cup championship.

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Biarritz Scramble Cup 2021

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