Stanford in Spain


Stanford University offers the opportunity for its students to do an internship in a Spanish company. If you as a Spanish organization or company would like to have the opportunity to help and be helped by a Stanford student, you can contact the responsible person in Spain.

The program in Madrid provides many educational opportunities for undergraduate students at Stanford University. Since the main motivation for studying in Madrid is to improve Spanish and get to know Spain, classes are taught by local professors, the Center Director and a Stanford University professor resident in Madrid on a termly basis.

The program introduces students to the richness and diversity of Spanish culture through first-hand theoretical and practical experiences. It aims to familiarize the student with the nuances of language, artistic expression, political culture, and environment that characterize the region. In addition to language, there are many Stanford classes that pertain to different aspects of Spanish culture, for example, you can take flamenco dance or art classes.

To complement the learning of Spanish language and culture, the Stanford program offers talks and events with Spanish students. The talks consist of one hour each week in which a group of five or so Stanford students talk in the lecture hall with a Spanish student about anything, such as restaurants and bars, daily life in Madrid, good movies, or interesting places to visit in Spain.

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